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Ford Capri Racing kit


  • White kit for to made your own deco with chassis mounted and body unpainted and unmounted.
  • Equipped with angled motor and calibrated components.
  • Relation 11/28.
  • Aluminum rear wheels.
  • Bench compatible with Scaleauto and Sloting Plus suspensions.
  • Lancia Stratos Group 5 participant in the Giro d'Italia Auto of 1977 driven by Sandro Munari and Piero Sodano. They left because of a breakdown in the engine.
  • Manufactured by Racer-Sideways in 1/32 scale plastic.

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36,86 €

Data sheet

Engine features 20.000 rpm y 200 g*cm
Magnetic engine power Aprox. -3,5 grs.
Engine position Angle Winder
Soporte motor Sideways EVO con offset ajustable compatible con motores caja larga Flat 6 y tipo Boxer
Frontal Wheel: 15,8 x 8 mm. de plástico
long 156 mm.
Width 65 mm.
Rear tire: 17,3 x 8 mm. de aluminio
Pinion / Crown Piñón de 11 dientes latón, corona de 28 dientes de plástico y aluminio
High 34 mm.
Scale: 1/32
engine Flat 6
Distance between axes 80 mm.
System Analog
Distance rear axle guide 97 mm.
Guide: avanzada

More info

Aloyshop, your Slot and Scalextric store.

-Length: 156 mm including the ailerons

-Width: 6. 5 mm

-Height: 34 mm

-Rear axle guide distance: 97 mm

-Wheelbase: 80 mm

-17.3 rear rim diameter

-Calibration material 3/32: axles, rims, Crown

-Flat-6 engine Anglewinder EVO-6

-Possibility of the anchor from the engine to the chassis using 3, 4, 5, 6 screws, or 7

-Compatible with suspension

-Adjustable rear axle height 0 mm, 0.5 mm, 1 mm through independent rear axle support

-Compatible with and Scaleauto motor support

-Support of the engine for standard long box motors, flat.