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Metallic yellow / VALLEJO PREMIUM


Metallic yellow / VALLEJO PREMIUM

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VALLEJO PREMIUM is a versatile and non-toxic, water-based airbrush, paint surfaces suitable for all, specially formulated for optimal adhesion on metals, fiberglass, polyethylene, polycarbonate Lexan, slot and radio control bodies.

The colors are suitable to paint helmets, tanks of motorcycles, automobiles etc. (tuning). In some of these surfaces, we recommend a base of polyurethane Primer (62.601) for best results. PREMIUM is very flexible and resistant, allowing prolonged exposure outdoors Sin civil miss the intensity of its colors.

PREMIUM colors have been formulated using micronized pigments and permanent and a new resin acrylic-polyurethane hybrid. This formulation gives excellent resistance to impacts and cracking, as well as to direct exposure to the heat to painting. PREMIUM colors remain unchanged at some mixtures of combustible employed at r/c (up to 35% nitro).

The viscosity of the colors is fluid and self-leveling and apply with ease. For use with airbrush colors can be used directly from the bottle using a nozzle and needle of 0, 3 mm. The metallic colors may require dilution and airbrush of television 0, 2 mm is recommended diluent (62.068). The setting of the compressedpreferred r is 30-60 psi (2-4 bar).

Of the 20 colors, 23 range consists Metalizzed and fluorescent, and 9 transparent "Candy". All colors are excellent for detail work to cover large surfaces and can be applied as a brush and airbrush.

The range is complemented by 8 auxiliary products: transparent, diluent, primer, varnish and drying retardant Base. For brackets require highly resistant special protection we recommend to use a varnish uretanico (aerosols or Airbrush).


All colors are available in bottles of 60 ml. top dropper