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Kit Reamer 2.38 mm


  • 2.38mm Reamer Screwdriver
  • Kit Includes 1 screwdriver handle (Aluminum) + 1 straight 2.38 mm reamer (HHS Steel)

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     Sloting Plus reamers are specifically intended for use on any aluminum or plastic part and have several important advantages over conical reamers: 

  1. Precision. They have the same diametrical measurement from the beginning to the end.
  2. Accuracy. The hole is reviewed to fit perfectly along its entire length and never be tapered.
  3. Security. The shaft will always be perfectly adjusted to the hole throughout its length.
  4. Requirement. A conical reamer will never have the accuracy of a straight reamer and there is a serious risk of over-enlarging the hole at one end, compromising precision, and the part will have to be scrapped.