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Zero Grip low profile 17 x 9 mm. tyre View larger

Zero Grip low profile 17 x 9 mm. tyre


Authentic Zero Grip for the front axle.

As there is no grip, it improves the entry into the curve and avoids straights due to excessive grip at the front.

Measures: 17 mm. of diameter and 9 mm. wide, 5 mm channel. For tires from 15.9 to 17.5 mm.

Bag of 4 units.

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Diameter: 17 mm.
Width: 9 mm.
Compound: Zero Grip

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The grip on the front axle does not allow the rear axle to turn well in curves and causes straight ones that end in track exit. With Zero Grip tires, like these from Sloting Plus, this problem is solved.

Zero Grip tire (zero grip) of 17 x 9 mm. presented in a bag of 4 units. For 15.9 mm. to 17.5 mm. rims.

In our store since 02/01/2018.

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