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SAUBER BMW M1 GR.5 Team Italie-France Le Mans 1981


Driven by: Bernard Darniche (F), Johnny Cecotto (YV) and Philippe Alliot (F)
listed, never drove: Teo Fabi (I) and Dominique Lacaud (F)

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Data sheet

Scale: 1/32
System Analog
long 145.65 mm
Width 65.95 mm
High 37.15 mm
Distance rear axle guide 105.5 mm
Distance between axes 79.4 mm
Lights Not
Total weight 80.2 gr
Weight of the body 19 gr
engine FLAT
Engine position Anglewinder
Frontal Wheel: 15.8 x 8.0 mm - Plástico
Rear tire: 17.2 x 8.0 mm - aluminium
Pinion / Crown 11 / 28
Chassis Duro
Guide: Advanced
Calibrated equipment: Axles, rear rim and Crown

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BMW M1 Gr.5 participating in Le Mans 24 H. in 1981 with the dorsal No. 51 by the team BMW Ialie-France and Sponsored by VSD. Finished 16th in overall and 5th in Grup 5.

Made by Racer-Sideways in plastic and scale 1/32.

In our shop from 06/23/2016.